Saturday, 7 February 2009

Froopert, the depressed...

I am thoroughly depressed at not being successful on my fishing expedition. I want to just cover my head in shame.

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Frooples & Froopert said...

Whose nekkid boys are those??
Is that in mom's house?

RATNESH said...

Aye This is Ratnesh.
I juss want tuh say.
JUSt because EARL and COUSZN BUCK beat meh, doesn;t mean i gwan stop commentin on allyuh blog.
i get beat up PLENTY time before and that neva stop meh.
As sOON as the doktor tik out the stit-chiz, i go come back.
Aluu cyar get rid ah me so easy
Dah is WHY i real like my name RAT-nesh. Cause I hard to get rid of like a RAT!!!

Frooples I real hate yuh.

Frooples & Froopert said...

I'm happy to see that even though you will never learn, that you did in fact get an A$$-woopin' from my friends :D
That made my day!

Earl and Cousin Buck, Thank you so much for helping out!
I'm sure Ratnesh will never learn, after reading his comment, but at least the injuries should keep him away for a few days :)


I just want to let everyone know that Cousin Buck's party for Earl was DA BOMB!!!
We had a smashing good time!! If you want to attend a great party - make friends with Cousin Buck!!!
Thanks guys!!!


Lovabwoy said...

Frooopert de depressed. Don't worry we all does get depressed and ting.

Howz bout i bring de rum and cake and ice-cream and apple pie and cherry pie and sorrel and ham and lam and jam, and i will come to cheer youz up a bit? Jes tell meh way you live.

Daughter said...

Can someone please explain: What is a Frooples?!?

Kadhine said...

This post explains it all!

Frooples & Froopert said...

Lovebwoy- HELLLLLS NO! I NOT giving you my address at all!

And Daughter, yes, Kadhine is right. The post explains it all but the condensed version is that Frooples rhmyes with "Scruples". Of course that is not the whole story so you might want to check the post since I am too lazy to re-type it :P

Sinnanan said...

Ah sorry yuh depress gyul. Yuh wah ah massage? I does massage nice nice with coconut oil gyul. COme by mih nah.

Kadhine said...

Froopert, if you take a massage from Sinnanan, I will stop reading this blog!!

Also, what's the matter? You all stopped writing in your blog? I came by looking for new stuff...