Friday, 6 February 2009

Stumblin' down the memory trail.

A few days ago, we all ambled down the memory lane of animal bites.
If you feel like re-ambling, do it here.
I was so pleased to see that many of our cherished readers, opened up and
told us a little bit about their past.
It was very heartwarming, to be sure.

Today I want to reminisce about burns.
I don't really have a good burn story, so I will have to reminisce about your burn story.

So, please regale us with your past experiences!
Photographic accompaniment will be most welcome!


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ratnesh mudda said...

THIS IS RATNESH MUDDA. I DEE DONE TELL YOU MY burn story in the last memory lane one. but i will say it again hair.

I dee makin roti and i burn meh belly on the tawa.
i still have the black mark.

Frooples & Froopert said...

Thank Ratnesh's mom.
Your story from the last "memory lane" post is what gave me the idea for this one!

Mildred said...

I really like your blog! You guys are slightly sick I think, but that makes it all the more funnier!!

I was making strawberry jam one day and the cat jumped on the kitchen counter and scared the bejeezus out of me just as I was moving the pot off of the stove.

I ended up with a huge burn on my left foot!
Fortunately, the scar is almost gone.

Anita said...

Does sunburn count?
One day I was vacationing in Tobago and I fell asleep on my stomach, on the beach.
The sun roasted my butt ( I was wearing a thong)good and proper and I couldn't sit down for two days!!!!
Aloe-vera gel helped a lot.

Frooples & Froopert said...

Interesting Anita, I don't get sunburned as you do, I get TANNED and the darn tan will stay on me until I shed my skin!!
At least it's not painful.

Anonymous said...

I had a rash on my schlong and I thought if I wash it with mercury soap it will go away and it burned my schlong and a lot of skin peeled off it.
The rash didn't go away and I had to go to the doctor.

Frooples & Froopert said...

OK Anonymous.
Thank you for that informative comment.
At least now we know never to wash our person with mercury soap.
Why would they MAKE mercury soap in the first place??
I hope your, er, schlong is all better now . . .

Kadhine said...

I had a lot of older male cousins and sometimes, one of them in particular, was less than friendly (but I now realize teenage boys are not interested in small girls hanging around them).

Another male cousin however was never mean to me and he still isn't :)

Anyhow, the mean cousin took an old cigarette lighter and rubbed it against a concrete wall and then burned my on my arm with it!
I still have the scar :(

Roger said...

I once drank BayRum with a friend and it burned inside my mouth - kinda.
I have since given up trying to drink medicinal alcohol and buy real rum.

Alma said...

I burned my arm taking a pie out of the oven. I accidentally touched the top metal rack.
Nice blog!

Count Ruprecht said...

I cannot enter the sunlight, or all will be lost. I shall burn until I am reduced to a heap of ashes.
I need my pills.

JijiN3k0 said...

Wow- Such crazy stories... My sunblock wore off and I got burned like a white woman. My skin is dark so imagine my surprise when my face was covered in a nasty rash... Never again... I bathe in sunblock now.

I also got burned recently on my ear with the curling iron. That same day I discovered that my hair is uncurl-able.

Pelau gyul said...

I like when Pelau bun. I find that das taste nice.

Kadhine said...

Pelau Gyul - I know quite a few people who like the burnt crust of the pelau.
I don't care for it too much.

Anoneemuz Hansen III said...

Frooples, I don't love you anymore!!!!! YOU ARE SO STUPID!!! I can find another woman 100 times more prettier than you!!

Charles Anoneemuz Hansen III said...

Frooples, I am so sorry. My dearest, you make me so angry sometimes I lose my head. I have taken a whole two weeks off from visiting your beautiful blog. It was VERY difficult and now I have returned to see beautiful and elegant photos of you looking most radiant.

I have changed Frooples, I promise! I am a different and better man! I'm sure you will learn to love me now!!!

Chaitram said...

I dee eat a chicken roti once and the ladee tell mih d peppar nuh hot. So I layse e a$$ wit peppar man.
BOY! My backsyd bun me so eh! I d hatta leave wok early da day. I cudna stan goin in dem blu plastic toilet nah.

JijiN3k0 said...

Our neighbour once threw a WHOLE LOT of gas on a heap of rubbish to burn and then lit a match... I'm sure he is missing his eyebrows now. Mum still laughs at that.

Teelucksingh said...

Aye Chaitram, da same ting dee happun tuh me! Whey you buy da roti jed? By Petel bar nah!

Frooples & Froopert said...

Chaitram and Teelucksingh,
Froopert and I both had the same experience as you! At the SAME time!!
Thank goodness I had more than one toilet in my house.
Petal's Roti does taste good but the pepper like TNT.

Lovabwoy said...

Ah em give ratnesh muddah ah new burn story to tell. I went by she howse today an ah bun dong she toilet....hahahaha!