Friday, 23 October 2009

Froopert the Indian Man

Froopert has created a new video for your viewing pleasure.

Ratnesh can send you a burn of the DVD if you would like.

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Thursday, 2 April 2009

Long time no see!

Howdy folks!

Have you been wondering where we are?
We'll be very flattered if you cared :D

Well, I'm back home in Romania. I left Trinidad last Tuesday and watched the nice lady next to me drift off into sweet oblivion for almost all the flight
( 10+hrs). I got about 1.5 hrs sleep in total...

Then I left Gatwick airport and made my way via bus to Heathrow airport. I arrived about 11am and my flight to Romania was about 8pm. I had to sit with my huge heavy suitcase for more than 6 hrs waiting to check it in and enter the much more comfortable departures lounge. What torture. Especially since I had money in my pocket waiting to be spent.

I finally was able to check in and then had to literally run to get my shopping done and then run to the gate and board the plane. By this time I was REALLY sleepy and exhausted and kept nodding off and jumping awake (that's so funny when another person does it).

Unfortunately for me, this young boy kept blabbering on and on and on and on behind me.
For the first time I wished I wasn't able to speak English. At least I wouldn't have been
driven to suicidal/murderous feelings by listening to his inane drivel.
It was obvious that his parents were fed up of him, but it never entered their head that other people were ready to chuck the little bugger out the window!!!!

We arrived in Romania 15mins early, my ride was waiting for me and I arrived home around 12am. I went to bed around 3:30am and proceeded to spend the rest of the week in a sort of post-traumatic-jet-lagged-exhausted-hungry-daze.

Now the jet lag seemed to have worn off but now I caught a cold - life's wonderful!

The first photo is of my cat , Chloe who was all bundled up in a blankie and who wasn't enjoying one minute of it.

Second pic is of Froopert on the left, Frooples on the right and the mother in the back, bitterly complaining and fretting over a phone card. As you can see, Froopert and I were in a different planet :P

I wonder where we going?? Maybe to eat dimsum.

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Thursday, 12 March 2009

Let's learn a new word!

Ok, boys and girls!
Welcome to the Froops' new segment on the show:

"Fun with vocabulary!"

Today's new word kids is "PROGNOSTIC"


1. Of, relating to, or useful in prognosis.
2. Of or relating to prediction; predictive.
1. A sign or symptom indicating the future course of a disease.
2. A sign of a future happening; a portent.

Let's give you some key sentences to help you incorporate this new wonderful word into your daily vocabulary.

1. Edwina was horrified to find the standing ovation she recieved was not due to her dancing skills but to the fact that her prognostics were hanging out for the entire performance!

2. Vaira was saddened when she realised the beautiful prognostic she bought at the market broke on the way home.

3. I find my prognostic tends to act up after I eat cheese.

4. If you don't wash your prognostics properly, you can get an infection.

5. Timmy wailed piteously when Billy beat him up and stole his prognostic.

Ok my dear children, we hope you have learned this new word well, please comment and leave us your sentences using the word "Prognostic"

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My New Job

Hello Everyone!

I am pleased to announce that I began my new job on Monday. I am not sure what the job title is yet, however, the general idea of it is to stand up with my hands up in the air holding a bag of IV fluid.

I have decided therefore that my true calling is that of a metal stand. I would like to give special thanks to Frooples for helping me discover my true path. She helped me by contracting food poisoning and then refusing public health care and going to our private doctor who was obviously shocked that he had to perform hospital duties in his office -poor guy!

(Public health care sucks in Trinidad and I would have most likely died from a left over sponge in my gizzard, even though I went in for food poisoning, which as we all know, has nothing to do with one's gizzard.)


Owing to the fact the he did not have a metal IV holder I acted as a surrogate.


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Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Why Frooples is still in Trinidad.

Yes Dear Reader,

I am still in Trinidad. I should have been on a plane right now, exhausted and cranky, crossing over Germany. But noooooooo, I am sitting at Froopert's desk, all shaky and weak because I have food poisoning, bronchitis, and the flu.

Well, to be fair, I've had bronchitis for the past 5 months. Living in super-dusty Bucharest doesn't make for easy breathing. I was recovering nicely in Trinidad's clean air, but then I got the flu. This flu includes vomiting and coughing (a beautiful combination). Because my cough started to become a tad unbearable, I called and postponed my flights home by two weeks.

Good thing I did! That night I spent harrowing 4 hours by my (very competent) doctor.

Have you ever vomited (on your knees, on the floor, crouched over a plastic bag with a roll of Bounty under your arm), in a waiting room?

Ever vomited in a small bread/bed-pan looking receptacle with drips in one hand and your doctor holding you up so you won't collapse?

Ever been vomiting and thinking "Can't move my hand, can't move my hand, the needle will fall out, can't move my hand, Froopert looks like she's going to faint, I think I need to go to the bathroom!"?
Well, it was quite an experience! Personally I think somebody (I'm not going to name names here) gave me "badeye" (or the Evil Eye), I'm sure me fellow Trinis will agree. Or, it could be because of the DELICIOUS oysters I ate the day before, but I doubt it.

Anyhoo, yours truly will be in Trinidad for two more weeks, overstaying my welcome in the country, taking dumb photos of us in the cars and making lame videos of sunrises that I will post to my other youtube channel. (Can you tell I'm not my usual self today?)

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Sunday, 8 March 2009

A small summary of our joint adventures.

Greetings all,

This here is Frooples, speaking to you from Froopert's Compudy, in Trinidad.

My time here is almost over, I'll be leaving in less than two days. *sigh*
Anyhoo, I'm glad to be going home too! It's nice not having to sleep on the couch (not that
mom doesn't have a spare room and both she and Froopert don't have beds big enough for three-I like the couch somehow). And I, Froopert am forced by Frooples to leave my nice large bed in my bedroom to sleep on the floor next to Frooples because she's allegedly afraid to sleep in the living room alone.

Froopert and I spent all day making this great video for you all. Well, maybe it isn't so great, but then we are both sick and coughing like old wheezy dogs and we are taking Histatussin.
That thing is da bomb! Next time I go to a cooler fete I'm going to buy me a bottle of histatussin.
"Oh no, thank you so much for your offer, but I brought my own drink! No beers this time around! Histatussin is the only drink for me this Carnival! Pass the ice."
Want to float? Take a dose of histatussin. I'm not too sure it's helping with the cough though...
So, back to my story, we spent all day battling with stupid Windows Movie Maker (next computer is a Mac!!!!) and now Youtube is refusing to cooperate.
So, I'll put a few choice pics for your viewing pleasure and maybe even explain what they're all about.

This is before we left for "Rise" fete (midnight to sunRISE, get it?) Froopert on the left.

Here we are with Wen at "Rise" fete. We stayed until the fete was over - I went to bed 8am the next day!!! I, Froopert was holding the camera- didn't I do an excellent job?

Here we are going for dim sum lunch at Eagles' restaurant with my (Froopert's) in-laws. (That dashing individual at back is our mother)

Here we are, waiting at 7:30am (after waking up at 5am) outside the licensing office.

This lovely young lady was taking part in the Tobago J'ouvert festivities. I found it to be in very good taste that she chose to cover her arms and shoulders. I also approve of the hood, who knows if it'll rain? It is a wise man who is cautious about the weather.

This is us bored at Machel Montano's concert at Normandie. We escaped from Machel's "sermon" and went to hang out with the security guards. (That proved more enticing.)

Here, we are on our way to Hanami Sushi restaurant in Movie Towne.

Notice our joyous expressions at the promise of impending sushi.

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Thursday, 26 February 2009

FAIL house

Seeing any problems with this house? Look carefully now... Are you seeing a door that leads to a sudden lesson in gravity and the promise of broken bones and/or death?? This house is just 10 mins sloow walk from our mom's house - aren't we lucky to be living so close to a FAILblog winner???

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