Thursday, 2 April 2009

Long time no see!

Howdy folks!

Have you been wondering where we are?
We'll be very flattered if you cared :D

Well, I'm back home in Romania. I left Trinidad last Tuesday and watched the nice lady next to me drift off into sweet oblivion for almost all the flight
( 10+hrs). I got about 1.5 hrs sleep in total...

Then I left Gatwick airport and made my way via bus to Heathrow airport. I arrived about 11am and my flight to Romania was about 8pm. I had to sit with my huge heavy suitcase for more than 6 hrs waiting to check it in and enter the much more comfortable departures lounge. What torture. Especially since I had money in my pocket waiting to be spent.

I finally was able to check in and then had to literally run to get my shopping done and then run to the gate and board the plane. By this time I was REALLY sleepy and exhausted and kept nodding off and jumping awake (that's so funny when another person does it).

Unfortunately for me, this young boy kept blabbering on and on and on and on behind me.
For the first time I wished I wasn't able to speak English. At least I wouldn't have been
driven to suicidal/murderous feelings by listening to his inane drivel.
It was obvious that his parents were fed up of him, but it never entered their head that other people were ready to chuck the little bugger out the window!!!!

We arrived in Romania 15mins early, my ride was waiting for me and I arrived home around 12am. I went to bed around 3:30am and proceeded to spend the rest of the week in a sort of post-traumatic-jet-lagged-exhausted-hungry-daze.

Now the jet lag seemed to have worn off but now I caught a cold - life's wonderful!

The first photo is of my cat , Chloe who was all bundled up in a blankie and who wasn't enjoying one minute of it.

Second pic is of Froopert on the left, Frooples on the right and the mother in the back, bitterly complaining and fretting over a phone card. As you can see, Froopert and I were in a different planet :P

I wonder where we going?? Maybe to eat dimsum.

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Miriam said...

Good to see you are back, what about Froopert? Hope she's ok!

Frooples & Froopert said...

Hi Miriam, nice to "meet" you!
Yeah, Froopert is ok enough, she's working these days (amazing, eh?) and is too busy to spend time online (or so she says =P)

RATNESH said...


Frooples & Froopert said...

Ah, lovely to see you again Ratnesh.
Tell me, how is your butt? Has it healed nicely after the whipping you got from Cousin Buck and Earl??
Perhaps you'd like them to pay you a visit once more?
With all my felicitations,

RATnesh muDda. said...

aYE thIS Is ratnesh mUDDa
dOh Worry gyul, I real clout he arse up.
I fEEl iz betta you tell Earl and he cOuzn to come and fix ratnEsh BacksiDe again wee.
I cyar work the big lettas again. Tell meh what to DO nah PleasE gyul.

Frooples & Froopert said...

Hey Ratnesh's mum,
Yeah, I think I'll have to ask Earl to "speak" to Ratnesh about his behaviour.

I'll let Froopert explain to you about the Caps key. I'm fed up of trying to teach U.

Take care.

Iz me, the Mot mot said...

This is the Mot mot. Everything is OK, I am here. You can now take my picture.
I am ready!

Kadhine said...

Mot mot?? Is it you!?

Mr. Frasier. said...

Mot mot, I'd be happy to take your picture. Can you please come to my studio at 11am tomorrow?
If you need oil for your feathers etc, you would need to bring it along, as I am not equipped with bird cosmetics.

Mr. Frasier.

Ruckstar promoshuns said...

aye gyul yor poss dem duz be rell long jed

Valentina said...

How come this blog has so many haters? You guys are really mean to these girls. Even though they are proportionately weirder than humans in general, they do not deserve your abuse.

Brenda from Flatbush said...

I just wandered here after you were sweet enough to leave a comment on my 'cardinal song' video on U-Tube. You are adorable funny clever, not to mention 1 of you (1/2 of you?) is incredibly brave to live in Romania when you are TRINI (yay! yay!) I am an adoptive Trini, which is to say I am an Irish-German-American girl living in Flatbush Brooklyn (yay! yay!) and thus so engulfed with Trinidadians and Carnival and pan and roti and doubles and Sparrow and curry etc that I gave up and declared myself Sort of Trini. My old friend is from Tunapuna and has encouraged this sort of thing. Going to T&T is my dream.(I'll skip Romania for now, though.) Love your flicks, pix, weird wit and sweet sisterhood. Love meeting the darndest folks thru the interwebs!

Anonymous said...

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