Thursday, 12 March 2009

Let's learn a new word!

Ok, boys and girls!
Welcome to the Froops' new segment on the show:

"Fun with vocabulary!"

Today's new word kids is "PROGNOSTIC"


1. Of, relating to, or useful in prognosis.
2. Of or relating to prediction; predictive.
1. A sign or symptom indicating the future course of a disease.
2. A sign of a future happening; a portent.

Let's give you some key sentences to help you incorporate this new wonderful word into your daily vocabulary.

1. Edwina was horrified to find the standing ovation she recieved was not due to her dancing skills but to the fact that her prognostics were hanging out for the entire performance!

2. Vaira was saddened when she realised the beautiful prognostic she bought at the market broke on the way home.

3. I find my prognostic tends to act up after I eat cheese.

4. If you don't wash your prognostics properly, you can get an infection.

5. Timmy wailed piteously when Billy beat him up and stole his prognostic.

Ok my dear children, we hope you have learned this new word well, please comment and leave us your sentences using the word "Prognostic"

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ratnesh mudda said...

Aye gyuls, this is a real good thin you doing hair. I always wanted to lurn new words. Lemme try out one.

-: AYe GYUL them prognostic well coming up nice.

I hope ah do it rite,.

Cuzn Buck said...

Hey girls, Dis here iz yur Ku'n Buck.

"Lets fire'up the barbekew and cook us up som' uh dem thur prognostic!"

Howz dat?
Did I do good!

earl said...

Hey Dere Cousin Buck,
howz about i brin' d beer an' youz brin' thur pragnastiks?
Wat r yuoz gurls brinin' to der pardy?

Frooples & Froopert said...

Hey Ratnesh's mum! That was a great effort! Congratulations! You are on your way to literacy! Keep up the good work!

Cousin Buck you sentence was also admirably done! It's even better now that we have another one of your awesome bbqs to attend!!!!!

We have some horsemeat that's just beginning to turn and some mead we made on the down-low *shhhhhh*
We'll be there at 6!

Ingrid said...

"How many prognostics can I get for 10 dollars?"

Kadhine said...

Hi girls, Glad to see you are up and about!

Um, are you sure you're using the word "prognostic" in the correct context???

JijiN3k0 said...

You know, I think everyone here is using that word VERY wrong! I love the sentences nonetheless but I wish to make one with the word in a more appropriate context, viz;

"The prognostics which the doctor made regarding your explosive diarrhea was not good."

Felix said...

I just heard someone's prognostics bust out.

Prim Princiss Primilla said...

Because of the hot sun, all the young prognostic seedlings did bun up.

Frooples & Froopert said...

Wow, royalty we presume? Seriously, we cannot believe we have a Princess amongst us! So what shall we call you? Miss Princiss? Miss Prim? Or are you a Mrs?

Prim Princiss Primilla said...

No gyuls, dais mih name. Mih muddah name mih dat. Mih full name is Prim Princiss Primilla Edwards.

Lova Bwoy said...

prognatostic mehself! Allyuh an allyuh big words ent going to fret meh. I could prognatize de future!!!

Kadhine said...

Somehow I feel Lova Bwoy used the word properly, but his slang makes it a tad difficult to be sure...