Sunday, 8 March 2009

A small summary of our joint adventures.

Greetings all,

This here is Frooples, speaking to you from Froopert's Compudy, in Trinidad.

My time here is almost over, I'll be leaving in less than two days. *sigh*
Anyhoo, I'm glad to be going home too! It's nice not having to sleep on the couch (not that
mom doesn't have a spare room and both she and Froopert don't have beds big enough for three-I like the couch somehow). And I, Froopert am forced by Frooples to leave my nice large bed in my bedroom to sleep on the floor next to Frooples because she's allegedly afraid to sleep in the living room alone.

Froopert and I spent all day making this great video for you all. Well, maybe it isn't so great, but then we are both sick and coughing like old wheezy dogs and we are taking Histatussin.
That thing is da bomb! Next time I go to a cooler fete I'm going to buy me a bottle of histatussin.
"Oh no, thank you so much for your offer, but I brought my own drink! No beers this time around! Histatussin is the only drink for me this Carnival! Pass the ice."
Want to float? Take a dose of histatussin. I'm not too sure it's helping with the cough though...
So, back to my story, we spent all day battling with stupid Windows Movie Maker (next computer is a Mac!!!!) and now Youtube is refusing to cooperate.
So, I'll put a few choice pics for your viewing pleasure and maybe even explain what they're all about.

This is before we left for "Rise" fete (midnight to sunRISE, get it?) Froopert on the left.

Here we are with Wen at "Rise" fete. We stayed until the fete was over - I went to bed 8am the next day!!! I, Froopert was holding the camera- didn't I do an excellent job?

Here we are going for dim sum lunch at Eagles' restaurant with my (Froopert's) in-laws. (That dashing individual at back is our mother)

Here we are, waiting at 7:30am (after waking up at 5am) outside the licensing office.

This lovely young lady was taking part in the Tobago J'ouvert festivities. I found it to be in very good taste that she chose to cover her arms and shoulders. I also approve of the hood, who knows if it'll rain? It is a wise man who is cautious about the weather.

This is us bored at Machel Montano's concert at Normandie. We escaped from Machel's "sermon" and went to hang out with the security guards. (That proved more enticing.)

Here, we are on our way to Hanami Sushi restaurant in Movie Towne.

Notice our joyous expressions at the promise of impending sushi.

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Ratnesh mudda said...

i didnt noe you waz here aready!!!1
why you doh come home by me and i go make a nice curry duck and dhalpuri for you to eat. i go put nice gyarlic and ting in it for yuh?
Call me nah and tell me which day yuh comin. you does drink JOHNNY?

Frooples & Froopert said...

Hello Ratnesh's mum,
Yes, I've been here for almost 3 weeks now. I am more than happy to come ot your house to eat curry duck, but right now I'm rolling in pain (bad oyster). So as soon as my stomach feels better, I'll call you.
Oh, btw, I am not a Johnny Walker drinker, indeed, not much of a scotch drinker. I can handle a good burbon though. Gotz any Jack Daniels?
Better yet, how about a mojito?
Oh, I drink any beer that comes in a green bottle and most from brown bottles and very few from clear bottles.

RATNESH - allyuh could beat meh hommuch allyuh want, I go STILL come back!!!!! said...

Aye! Frooples why you doh cover your lumpy backside?? You gone in the people Islan wit that ting hangin out??
yuh feel juss because we cyar see yuh face dat we ent go noe dat iz you????
D Powleece shoulda arress yuh fuh indeecent exprosur.

Froopert meh darlin' all yuh snaps comeout real good gyul. why we doh go for ah fryricechickenchowming??

Frooples & Froopert said...

Mr. Ratnesh,
If you are referring to the photo of the lovely young woman in the very short pants, then please let me assure you that that is NOT me.

I am neither so well endowed, nor so confident to expose my assests to the world at large.

Kindy refrain from accusing me of indecent exposure. I can assure you, I was most boringly dressed in a t-shirt and long pants on that particular occasion.

Yours with disdain,

Lillian said...

I'm glad to see you girls had a good time!
Are you safe at home now Frooples?


Count Ruprecht said...

My Dear Froopert,

I am overjoyed to see that you have been partaking inthe various festivities with your sister. I hope you took time in the darkest hours of the night to think about me. I assure you my love, I never stop thining about you. As soon as I can retrieve my pills, I shall come to claim your hand as my undying bride.
Yours everlastingly
Count Ruprecht.

Frooples & Froopert said...

Hello Lillian,
Thank you for you comment =)
I regret to say I am not safe at home, but still in Trinidad. That is a long story, one for the next post...

Count, welcome back, I don't think you have commented recently... I hope all is as well as can be with you and your pills-desiring self.


Kouzin Buck said...

Dis heres ur couzin Buck,

Howdy girls, glad to see u ladies r havin a good ole time out dere in the carbeen. Y r u still in trindad Frooples?
Hope ervryting's allright.

Cousn Buck

Abi said...

Excellent job girls! The video was awesome and your summary of the trip was great. Good that you will be there a bit longer to rest a bit.

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