Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Why Frooples is still in Trinidad.

Yes Dear Reader,

I am still in Trinidad. I should have been on a plane right now, exhausted and cranky, crossing over Germany. But noooooooo, I am sitting at Froopert's desk, all shaky and weak because I have food poisoning, bronchitis, and the flu.

Well, to be fair, I've had bronchitis for the past 5 months. Living in super-dusty Bucharest doesn't make for easy breathing. I was recovering nicely in Trinidad's clean air, but then I got the flu. This flu includes vomiting and coughing (a beautiful combination). Because my cough started to become a tad unbearable, I called and postponed my flights home by two weeks.

Good thing I did! That night I spent harrowing 4 hours by my (very competent) doctor.

Have you ever vomited (on your knees, on the floor, crouched over a plastic bag with a roll of Bounty under your arm), in a waiting room?

Ever vomited in a small bread/bed-pan looking receptacle with drips in one hand and your doctor holding you up so you won't collapse?

Ever been vomiting and thinking "Can't move my hand, can't move my hand, the needle will fall out, can't move my hand, Froopert looks like she's going to faint, I think I need to go to the bathroom!"?
Well, it was quite an experience! Personally I think somebody (I'm not going to name names here) gave me "badeye" (or the Evil Eye), I'm sure me fellow Trinis will agree. Or, it could be because of the DELICIOUS oysters I ate the day before, but I doubt it.

Anyhoo, yours truly will be in Trinidad for two more weeks, overstaying my welcome in the country, taking dumb photos of us in the cars and making lame videos of sunrises that I will post to my other youtube channel. (Can you tell I'm not my usual self today?)

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