Saturday, 24 January 2009

Stumblin' down the memory trail

Froopert and I have been wanting to go down that memory lane with our readers. We wanted to talk about some special memory, that was close to our heart.
However, after a few minutes of racking our brains, we came up empty (that should not surprise you by now).

So I decided to talk about animal bites.

Lets go down the memory lane of animal bites.

I will go first.

When I was about 11 yrs old and Froopert was a devilish 4yrs old, we stayed in a beach house, in Mayaro - for those of you who know Trinidad.

One early morning, we all (parents and cousins etc) went to see what the fishermmen pulled up and we were given some smallish, but still very appreciated cutlassfish.
(Look at it here!)
(The women of the party fried them).

Anyhow, Froopert took up a fish that was still alive and flung it at me for no reason (naturally) and the thing bit me!!!!! I still have the scar. :(

That was the only time I was ever bitten by an animal. Yet.
and I have the lovely Froopert to thank for it...

So, let's hear your stories!!!

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Frooples & Froopert said...

Ratnesh' mum, you need to look on the left side of your keyboard, and press the "Caps Lock" butting once.

Thanks for your concern about my cutlassfish bite. I don't remember what my parents did about it - I do remember it look like the blazes and it bled a lot.


Count Ruprecht said...

I remember a fateful bite many many long and dreary years ago.
I was strolling on my father's grounds in the twilight, smelling the heavy perfume of the peach blossoms.
Suddenly, a beautiful man came out of the the copse and started talking to me. He had an ethereal look about him. I remember thinking to my self that I would like to have that same look.
Little did I know, my wish would come true.
His manners and bearing were impeccable and he was dressed with the greatest care in the most exquisite garments. I was puzzled at first, because they were at least 100 years out of fashion, but now I know.
I don't remember much of the night but I was found the next morning by the groundsman, dazed and weak, with puncture wounds on my neck...
It was so long ago...

Kadhine said...

I was never bitten by an animal (yet, according to Frooples) but I remember seeing a dog attack a young man. He scrambled over the neighbour's fence and away from the dog, but not before getting bitten on his leg.
It was terrifying!

lind.baba said...

I was bitten by two bees!
I was preparing to go to an important meeting and one bee bit me on my back! It was very very painful.
I tried to ignore the pain and hurry up, since I was getting late, another bee came and bit me on my arm!!!!!
That was a miserable day.

JijiN3k0 said...

My best friend came over by me one night to bathe in our big big blow up pool. While it was still filling up, we were sitting in it. Our Rottweiler got away and our pompek was egging him on to attack my friend. After running around the pool with two flotation devices trying to stop him from coming to close to her (while I told her to sit still and don't scream) I finally caught hold of his collar and dragged him back inside.

He was glaring at me as I was pulling him away and he turned his head and latched unto my arm. I continued to drag him inside with his teeth still inside my wrist.

When i put him away, I fell to my knees and felt very woozy. My poor friend felt so bad about it cuz she thought it was her fault. :P

Earl said...

I remember gettin bit by one ah dem thur crocs. it walkd outta the swamp behine the shed n came up tuh the rockn chaer wher i'z sittn an wittlin. he dun try tuh bite off my leg! but i'z swiff as a cheeter. i'z jump on that buggers bak quiker'n he cud say lunch time and i dun restle him til he cudn moov no mor.

Now i'z gots me the nices pare uh croc boots ever. i made a nice purs fer my lady fren and a nice belt fer the reveren. he says tha'll cover my tites fer duh hole year! an all that i gots fer duh smal prise uh 1 toe.

Ratnesh said...

So, this is not really ah bite、buh iz a good story.
It had a storm an' meh fadda sen' me in the lan' to bring een the ram goat.
An' I dee ben' dong to leggo out the rope. An' the ram goat butt meh in my backside!!
It was so hard, I say lightnin' strike meh yes!

I tell meh fadda me eh going close to that ram never.

Dindial said...

I geh bite on mih bottom wit ah santapi once. mih hole bottom geh numb.

Frooples & Froopert said...


First of all, DINDIAL??? WTF! Allyuh mother don't shame to name allyuh those names????

Anyhow, What in the hell is ah SANTAPI???


Dinidal said...

Yuh no nah,dem ting wit the hundred foot an it does be kinda brongish reddish.

An for yor infomashun, Dindial is my LASS name eh. Chec yuhself. My fuss name is Partap.

Budlal Ragoonanan said...

Aye Dindial,
I get bite with a santapi too!
But it was in meh leg. But it was close to meh drawers, so you know WHAT get numb!
I say for shure meh wife wouda leave meh yes boy.

Frooples & Froopert said...

OH! You mean a CENTIPEDE!


Sophie said...

All of your stories are quite interesting. I was cleaning the side of the house once and I chook down a wasp nest and one of them came and stung me in my EYE!!

I had a bung-eye for a whole week.

Earl said...

I jus rememberd anoter time wen i was cumin outta duh outhouse an there was duh bigges morocoy i'z ever seen! i tries tuh restle him cuz i'z tinkin he'll make one heeluva stew but he's tuffern i thot. he took off 2 uh my fingers in 1 bite. good ting it was from my rite han cuz i needs my lef han fer wittlin.

Outback Jack said...

When I was weeding around my backyard, a huge brown snake jumped out of nowhere and started chasing me! (I'm from Australia)
Good thing I was able to leap inside an empty water tank nearby. I had to stay in there for 45 mins before the snake left.
Well, I didn't get bit, but it was close...

Shaniqua said...

You guys' blog is really cool.

I don't know if this falls into the right category but I figured I'll tell you the story anyway.

This one time, a burglar broke into my apartment and I was having a nightmare at the time. I got up and ran straight at him and bit him in the neck without even knowing. His right arm got paralyzed. Apparently he was right handed.

He ended up pressing charges against me. I should be out in 2-5 with good behaviour.

Roy said...

Do ants count?
Cause I got real bit up when I was helping a friend dig a foundation for his shed.

Frooples & Froopert said...

I frequently get bitten by our idiot parrot


Frooples & Froopert said...

OH! I remember one! This one time, my best friend and I were bathing in the pond in our front yard- It was actually made for fish but we started using it as a little pool. So it seems that there were cracks in the concrete and ants were living therein.

Well, I'm sure you know the rst of that story. I got bitten in places I didn't even know I had.


Frooples & Froopert said...

HELLO ROY! Greetings and welcome! Welcome to our blog! It is so lovely and refreshing to be visited by someone with such a regular sounding name and experience. Please have a wonderful stay with us and try not to leave too soon!


Sarah from Sunny California said...

What about mosquitos? Do they also count?
I've been bitten by mosquitos many times, once I even thought I had dengue fever - but thankfully it wasn't. (I went to the doctor)
Nice blog :)

Roy said...

Um, Hello to you Froopert...
Nice to meet you?

Earl said...

Hey Roy, nice to meet yous. I gots a cuzin name Roy to. y'all gon like this hur blog.

enyways, i is jus rememberin dis since Ratnesh brot up duh topik of farm animals. A nex time wen duh reverens catle got away an ran intuh my corn feel an he was tramplin all them thur corn so i runs outta the outhouse preemachorlee tuh stop that darn catle from his rampayg an he's buckn an kikin up an his horn gets me strait in my lef eye. I cald the reveren an his wyf an his basturd son an his wyf an ther 16 yung uns an we had a barbeeQ. that dun coss me a hole year uh tites once the reveren foun out wha we'z barbeeQin.

But don wory bout my eye nun. i gots the predies blak fake eye now.

Earnest said...

I got stung by a bee once too Lind. It left te grossest growth on my neck and I had to go to the doctor to have it removed. Didn't you get a bump?

Frooples & Froopert said...

Earl, is there any part of your body that's actually symmetrical?


Earl said...

Hey! Don yu wory bout me nun. I gots the symetry wher it counts! ;)

Frooples & Froopert said...

Wow, I see this memory lane thing was a success.
Ok, we'll trot dong the lane more often :)

Earl, I'm sorry to hear of your ... um...missing body parts...


Lovabwoy said...

I em wish frooples to bite meh.

Joan Estelle said...

A shark almost swallowed me once. Does that count?

Kadhine said...

Lovabwoy, why you don't ask Count Ruprecht to bite yuh???

Lovabwoy said...

Aye, well em why you doh come to bite meh pretty pretty gyarl. Bwoy yuh almost pretty like likkle Frooples but yuh cyar tach meh Frooples an yuh could still bite meh eh.

Joan Estelle said...

Well I will tell my story anyway. One night I was swimming off my private island and i felt something brush my leg. Boy I swam out of that water so fast. Obviously it was a shark so there you have it. A shark almost swallowed me.

Kadhine said...

I almost splutter my rum and coke on my laptop!!!
Where are you from!??!?!
It must be Grenada...

When I get rabies, I will make sure and bite YOU first Lovabwoy!!!

Frooples & Froopert said...

Estelle, I am sure that was a great white... It's a good thing you high tail it outta the warta.

I thought I got rid of YOU!!!
Why are you still coming and commenting on this blog????
We don't give handouts here you know...
There is nothing free to be had on this blog..

I won't be biting you any time soon.

If you really need to be bitten, I suggest you go ask Count Ruprecht or maybe lie down in a heap of copra or something...


Count Ruprecht said...

Dear Mr. Lovabwoy,

I would be happy to assist you with your great desire to be bitten. However I am not in the best of health at the moment... My pills you see...

I hereby promise to accomodate you as soon as I recover my health.


Count Ruprecht

Rebecca Nolan said...

I was bitten by my boyfriend's snake once, on my lip. I was trying to kiss him - he is usually so docile.
My b/f said it's because he didn't get fed in a while...



Frooples & Froopert said...

Ratnesh's mum,
You need to look on the left side of the keyboard, there is a small button labelled "Caps Lock". Press it one time.

Your story gave me a good idea for next week!
Thank you!


ratnesh mudda said...

hello frooples an frooput. i jus wah tel allyuh tha ah geh the small lettahs. tanks eh. how allyuh da geh ah big lettah fuss and den small lettahs afta?

Sophie said...

Ratnesh Mudda,

You see the "Shift" key on both sides of the keyboard? You can hold that down while you type the letter you want to make it big. Just like how you does do it to get the question mark (?)

Good job girls, I can't wait to read more about your past!