Sunday, 18 January 2009

Difficulty Sleeping

I have been having a lot of difficulty sleeping as of late. Perhaps it may be due to the unusual dreams I have been having of strange male persons. I dreamt that I met one such person online who asked me to tell me about my country and every time I sent him some information, he would proclaim angrily "I DO NOT LIKE THAT!" as if I had FORCED the information on him.
What a Freak!

I wonder what is causing these dreams...


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Ratnesh the Baddiss said...

Oh Gawd baby,
So you doh dreem me?
I duhz dreem u everynight, whole night.

You so sweet eh gyul. I cyar wait for meh mudda to meet yuh.

You know how to make parsard?

Kadhine said...

Surprisingly, I haven't been having sleeping problems lately. Maybe it's the wine before bed.

That man in your dream sounds like a fool. I still say stick with the Count.

So, where's Earl?

Count Ruprecht said...

My fire on a freezing winter's night,

My dearest, are you ailing? Tell me what you need. I will do anything to make it better.
If only I was well enough to come to your side, if only I had my pills.

I don't remember you as being such a feeble and sickly person. You were the pillar I lent on. I drew strength from you.

Maybe our being separated for so long has weakened you.

Never fear my sweet, we shall be united soon.

Frooples & Froopert said...

To Doctor Anabel Andromeda Nichols, from the previous post.


I am very grateful for your offer. However I will not be needing your services.

If you wish, u have our permission to ply your trade to our readers.

If you in any way harass them however, I will have you blocked from
our blog and I will pen a letter of complaint to the Board.

Tread carefully.

With all graciousness and condescension.


lind.baba said...


Froopert, I'm sorry you are having bad dreams. Maybe your dinner is too heavy, try eating earlier or a smaller amount...

Do you know where Earl is? I want to order my wooden teeth.

Misterman said...


I don't understand why you are mentioning our experience as though it was a dream.

I expressly told you that I don't like that! It is true. I don't like the lame information you give me about your country. You mean to tell me your people like to swing from vines like Tarzan. How do you expect me to relate to that!

Froopert, speak truthfully now. Tell everybody what we have is special and that it is not a dream.


Frooples & Froopert said...


Do you suffer from moderate to severe psychosis? I think so. You need aid.