Monday, 12 January 2009

Tea, and why I'm an idiot.

So I started drinking coffee when I was 14. Yes, I know it's a tad young to begin imbibing the
ubiquitous bean, but such is life.
I drank Nescafe instant with sugar and milk. Later I graduated to sugar only (with the coffee, not a cup of pure sugar), and then to black.
By the time I was working, I was drinking instant (what else is there?) and evaporated milk - an acquired taste to be sure. Around 5 yrs ago, I suddenly didn't like coffee anymore.

Drinking those fancy coffees in fancy cafes and even a starbucks coffee (plain black) would make me queasy and more often than not, cause me to have to visit the w.c. more often than was comfortable, or that was allowed for in my schedule...

That's when my obsession with tea began (you thought I made a mistake in the title, ent?)

I began to drink black tea with evaporated milk and sugar and soon realised that the extra sugar in my already sugary diet wasn't helping physique.
I switched to milk and honey and Earl Grey tea - no, I don't put lemon in Earl Grey, I like it with milk.

Anyways, when I moved to Romania about 3 years ago, I bought a cute mug with a pig on it because one of my nicknames, other than "Frooples" and 'fatty' etc. is "Kobuta" which is the Japanese for 'piglet'. Yes, I got that name due to the fact that piglets in general, and I have the same BMI.

I started realising however that in Romania, my tea just wasn't cutting it. Since I had no desire whatsoever to drink coffee, and was never a big fan of diahreah, I realised something had to be done about the tea situation. (I'm also not much of a hot or cold chocolate drinker, maybe due to my very unwelcome lactose intolerance issues)

I tried many brands, big brands and small brands, loose leaf and bags. Some were just downright terrible and some satisfied me for the first few days and then failed to deliver...
About two weeks ago, I went to a formal lunch (complete with champagne - yummy) and really enjoyed the black tea I got after the meal. "Wow", I asked myself, "what's so different about this tea and mine at home??"

Then it hit me, I had in my hand a *tea* cup (and saucer), which holds about 5oz. of liquid. My Pig *coffee MUG* holds 12 oz.
So I have been all this time, ranting about the quality of tea and racking my brain about why my tea is not good, when in truth and in fact, I have been trying to force a bag of tea designed for about 5oz of water, to perform the same in 12 oz of water.

You try functioning with half a brain and see how far it gets yah.

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JijiN3k0 said...

I like Green tea- esp leaves.

Anonymous said...

Are you fat? i like fat girls. Especially when they have a huge backside. Give me your number so I can call you. I think we'll get along just fine. But I don't like non ah dem fancy-like teas so you'll have to change that.

Kadhine said...

Very funny story!
I am so sorry you have to live with only half a brain. Maybe one day they'll find a way to fix it? :P
I like your mug.

Frooples & Froopert said...

Hello Anonymus,
I am overweight, and I do indeed have a rather large posterior. What about you? Do u have a large posterior? Well, U better get rid of yours or else, I don't like men with larger behinds than mine.

Anonymous said...

You gon like me. I know it.
What kinda teeth you got? You got all? I got all but all uh dem is not made from teeth material but them wooden teeths is real strong espeshully for cracking nuts. But when we is marrid you can crack dem for me if you got real teeths.

Frooples & Froopert said...

Wooden teeth? I heared from a reputable source (Jeepers Creepers 1) That people stopped using wooden teeth 200 yrs ago!
Where did you get them? I would LOVE to get a set for myself, just for fun, and NOT to wear, of course.
I hope you sterilised yours in some lye before u put it in your mouth.
Do they fit you well, or do you have wicked ninja whittling skillz and whipped them into shape?
Send me a picture!

Anonymous said...

Baby, you don need no picture of me, I want you to like me for my personality not for my good looks
Of course I kin wittle i kin wittle you a pair, that means you got to give me your address. I don sterelize my teeth becuz the wwiskey takes care uh the germs