Friday, 23 January 2009

Goodness gracious me, what is THAT?

Two days ago I went to a new outlet mall recently opened in the outskirts of Bucharest.
It's on the road leading to Pitesti, in case you want to go later.

I can't remember the name of the place, but it was cool. Most of the stores weren't opened yet and the food court also wasn't ready. But that's cool. Oh, and all the service people were surly and not in the least bit helpful. That wasn't cool.

I didn't know I was still capable of saying "cool" so many times in the space of 2.5 minutes. I'm well past my teenage years... This is strange...

Anyhoooo, on the way back home, we (Costel and I, Costel being my driver) spotted this specimen of engineering technology.
I have no idea what category it falls under - bicycle, moped, car
It looked like something the driver made in his shop at home.
There were welded edges and the paint looked like it was
applied with a brush. Still, it got the man to where he wanted to go (I assume).
So, who am I to laugh? (snigger)

Here he is, changing lanes - such workmanship, an engineering marvel to be sure.
The next time you are unhappy with the form of vehicular transport you may own,
think of this guy and be ashamed, cause he made this and you paid somebody for that piece of crap u have parked outside.


With lots of love,

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Ratnesh mudda said...

This is Ratnesh mudda, you could buy the senna pod for me? I go wait on you to bring it. I don't want to ask my big son to do it, because he went out in a party last night and he come home late. He still sleeping, I don't want to wake him up. So I go gee you the money when you come nah.

Frooples & Froopert said...

To Ratnesh' mother,

Are you and my sister such good friends, that you can ask such a favour from her?
I didn't know that you two actually know each other!


Ratnesh said...

This is Ratnesh, aye gyul, whey your sister? I just run away from the rice lan' and come in the internet caffe.
Meh faddah looning for me, I know he go buss meh tail, when he see meh, but I couldn't live anodda day witout talkin to froopert. Doh let meh mudda noe I waz here.

Kadhine said...

What is that thing??
I never saw a vehicle that that before...
It looks like it will topple ove if he turns a hard corner!!

lind.baba said...

Wow Frooples,
You really saw a gen there!
I wonder if that man was comfortable inside that thing... The cab looks a big small...

Earl, the teeth were wonderful!
I'm sure your teeth - whittling business with be a raging success!!

Ratnesh Muddah said...

This is Ratneh Muddah here.
What is that TEET thing all yuh talking about? Somebody making teeht?
I need to go dentist to buy ah plate. But that so expensive. who is that person, maybe I should tell he to make a plate for me instead.

I missing all my teet from the top except 3 on the leff han' side int he back.

An I have all my teet in the bottom except I missin the 4 in front.

So, tell me who he is, and if he could make the plate for me and hommuch ee go corse.

Sophie said...

I've been reading this blog for a while - I like it, it's very different...
Earl, are you available to make me a set of wooden teeth?
I see Ratnesh's mother needs it more than me. So maybe after you make her's?

Frooples and Froopert, keep up the good work!

JijiN3k0 said...

I like it! I think it's cute! I saw a while ago someone brought some of these vehicles to TT to sell- They were some Chinese model... I never saw anyone driving one though. I think even if someone thought it was nice, they would still feel shame to buy and drive one.

I, on the other hand have no shame and also have no money.

Earl said...

Ratnesh Mudder, I'z kin make the teeth fur yous but Iz kin tell yurs gonna take sum time. Go to Uncle Joe's Laundry, Croc-cesories and gas stashun on Monday night and i'll com messhur yur mout.

Hi Kadhine ;-)

Sophie you kin get yur teets too but iz gots tuh do one at ah time. iz a profeshunul but iz stil just a man.

Frooples & Froopert said...

Ratnesh Mudder,

I noticed that you finally stopped SHOUTING at us in CAPITAL LETTERS.

Also, why don't you ask your son or go get it yourself! I don't know you! Do you think I have nothing better to do than to buy products to make you make product?!

Ratnesh, get a life. We don't need to tell your mother because she reads this blog and when she see's your comment... you'!

Earl, good to see you! I think you have a little crush on Kadhine, don't you? YOu do know she's married right? Inot trying to be rude, I am just concerned about your feelings and I don't want to see you get hurt.


Earl said...

Boy, din I tell yous tuh stop talkin tuh these here nice girls?! Do yous wan me to com thur an disiplin yous! Boy, i'll put yous cross my nee an gi yous the spankin of ah lifetym!

Brian James said...

Yes Froopert that sample of a vehicle is not safe. What if said driver were to collide with another vehicle? Then what would be the situation?

At least my piece of crap outside will probably save my life in case of an accident! But then again, I'm not unhappy with my ride. I'm totally in love with my ride.


Kadhine said...

Hey Brian,
Do you have a photo of your ride?
What kind of car/etc is it?
I have a Subaru Forrester - I love her very much. Her name is Subaru-chan (I have no imagination).