Sunday, 11 January 2009

The Origins of GyulDOTpus

Dearly Beloved,
Why "gyulDOTpus" you ask?
Is it English? Is it an expletive? Is it a type of catamaran? Where can I buy one? How does it taste? Does it expire? Does it actually MEAN anything??!?! Yes my friends, it does mean something; something very special to us.

You see, we have a cousin, who we love to pieces, but this girl insists on behaving like an illiterate pickle. She would send us text message after text message sprinkled liberally with generous helpings of "gyul.pus" at the most inopportune moments in the text. This phrase or whatever it professes to be, breaks up the harmony of the text message and causes us to develop a sudden urge to visit the privy and forces us to miss the real message.

It's a type of mobile warfare, or perhaps a psychological test to see if we are mentally strong enough to overpower the extreme disorientating force that "gyul.pus" produces and actually understand the underlying meaning.

We were unworthy to defeat the enemy - we have since become entombed by the waves of nausea and mental lethargy "gyul.pus" emanates and we have actually started calling each other 'gyulDOTpus' in our google talk conversations.

But what does it MEAN you ask?

Well, in Trinidad, our homeland, "gyul" is a slang term for 'girl'.
"Pus", unfortunately, means 'puss' or cat.
The [dot] in the middle is very common in our pickle's, I mean cousin's text messages, it is the equivalent of a *space*.
She is not in the habit of using spaces between her words, she prefers the elegant beauty of a period/dot instead. This may be as a result of her inability to use her cell phone as well but I digress.

So there you have it, "gyul.pus" or as we have come to say, 'gyulDOTpus' means, basically, GIRL. Yep. Girl.
Maybe cat too.
We're actually not too sure why she insists on calling us 'cat'. It's probably not a good thing though...

Anyhoo, to commemorate our endevour and our undying confusion and diarreah, I have decided to submit for your perusal, a Haiku. (I am not particularly good at haiku, but who really cares?)

"You brainwashed us u
pickle. Our half brain has
grown even smaller."


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lind.baba said...

It must be very interesting to have a pickle for a cousin. I look forward to reading more.