Monday, 12 January 2009

Half brains and dental health ( I think I have a stalker)

Hello my Dearly Beloved,
This is Frooples.
I hope you are in the best of health.

So I am currently having some problems with 2 of my 4 mandibular third molars, a.k.a my wisdom teeth. My upper left and lower right are in the process of moving around under there.

All four of them are impacted by the way, and my upper right actually came out and is now viewing the world from the direction of my ear and not downward like his brothers ( yes, my teeth are all male).

The lower right (and left) are probably inside my jaw and I rue the day when I will have to operate (not me operate on myself, I mean when I'll go to a dental surgeon and ask him to oblige).

The upper left, like his comrade on the right, is already partially exposed and making sure that I know he's there. Of course, this emergence of new and unwelcome teeth means trouble for the teeth I am already using.

The tooth next to my front teeth, what's that called again? My incisor? has decided he's crowded and is valiantly trying to escape my mouth.
In the space of two weeks, this tooth has moved out of the ranks and is trying to go AWOL.
Fortunately, my upper lip is handling the situation for the moment and I don't have a snaggle tooth poking out the front of my face . . . yet.

My lower jaw, on the right side is swollen and my totally erupted upper right wisdom teeth is rubbing against my tender, swollen gum. (I don't know how it can face my ear and still do that) Not comfortable in the least. Anyhow, don't worry too much about me - fortunately I am still capable to swallowing, if not chewing my food :)

So, a few days ago I told my good friend about my wisdom teeth issues and she looked at me with a surprised expression and said "Aren't you a little bit OLD for wisdom teeth problems?" I am 29 years old dear reader. I asked her what age did you evict your wisdom teeth? "Oh! I got them out at around 22 yrs!"
So I checked Wikipedia and sure enough, I'm too old for these kinda shinanegans. My answer, to her and to you is:

What do you expect, from a person who only has half a brain? Obviously I will develop slower than others! Du-uh!

I will get them yanked out, just the timing isn't right. Later this year, surely.

Now, on to more important topics, I think I have a stalker!
He has commented on my last post and showed an unnatural interest me. It's a bit unnerving to know there is a creep out there who is waiting patiently by his computer, to see when I post, so he can reply... Frankly, I'm surprised a man with wooden teeth actually HAS a computer... I wonder where he got it, maybe he can get one for me...

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Anonymous said...

y are you callin me a creep?

JijiN3k0 said...

The teeth next to your front teeth (the incisors) are the canine. Please read my wisdom teeth story too please at

I hope you get a good dentist.

Frooples & Froopert said...

Dear Anonymous,
Y are you making the same comment over and over? You should try to branch out and overcome your fear of new words.
I am sure there is a support group somewhere for that kind of problem, I believe it's called a primary school...
Anyhow, who told you that you are the creep that I'm talking about? You are evidently very arrogant to believe that once a girl begins talking about a wooden-toothed creep that it means you! Surely there must be hundreds, nay, thousands of wooden-teeth-wearing-computer-literate creeps out there on the great intertubes!
I hope you are are working on your large butt btw, I already spoke to you on that topic! Don't make me speak to you again!

Kadhine said...

To Frooples -

Ouch, your wisdom teeth story sounds painful. You should get that checked out asap.

To the stalker -
Are you really a good whittler? I'd like you to make me a set of wooden teeth too, my friends will be so shocked to see it!
I can pay you by check or Credit card.

Anonymous said...

I don take no hand-outs. If you wants the teeths, I kin makes you the teeths but I think ur purdy so y'all just gots to takl to me for my services.

Kadhine said...

Sorry to offend you Mr. Stalker, I meant no disrespect.
I was offering to pay you because I believe you have talent that should be paid for and to make the teeth would take up alot of your valuable time.
If you would like to gift the teeth to me, I'll be happy to accept, but i must warn you, my husband would not like it if you decide to stalk me instead. If you change your mind about payment, I will happy to oblige.

Anonymous said...

You gots a huban? The teeths is costing 2 hunet dollas for the pair.

Kadhine said...

Yes, I do have a husband.
$200.00 sounds like a fair price.
I have decided to pick them up at your place. Please give me your address so I can collect. I will pay you in cash, or a check if you prefer when I collect.