Monday, 19 January 2009

Where the names Froopert and Frooples came from.

As you may or may not know, I call my sister Froopert. Years ago, we used to look at this ODD cartoon that I think was called "Rupert the dancing grouper."

It was about Rupert, a grouper who would leave his bowl and dance and then inevitably die.

But the song was hilarious! They stress on the name 'Rupert' and it came out as
" Roooo-perrrrrt".
So naturally, I had to call my baby sister "Froooo-perrrt".

Not to be outdone by me, she came up with "Frooples".
Why Frooples and not, say, Froopat or Froopit etc. you ask? Because, she said, it rhymes with "scruples".

Such genius is without compare.

The "gyul.pus" was explained here - "The Origins of Gyul.Pus"

The photo is of my baby "Rainbow the bear" posing on my desk with a cup of Froop yoghurt. I bought it because of the name, and I will not be buying it again because of the taste.


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Lovabwoy said...


It doh matta way yuh name come from. Yuh dam hottupan it. Yuh sweet like de suga ah does put in meh cafee evry mornin, noon an nite. Gyul tell meh way yuh livin so we go arrange ah ting nah!!!

Kadhine said...

Wow Lovabwoy,

What exactly is a "chunkalunks"?
The language on this blog getting harder and harder to understand...

Lovabwoy said...

Oh gosh, yuh know yuh hotness an ting. Gimmeh ah little love nah. Ah go call yuh honey buns den, yuh mus be have a hat pair ah dem buns too!

Frooples & Froopert said...


Are you a Grenadian by chance? Because the slang doesn't strike me as Trinidadian.
Well it's good to know our reader base is branching out.

If I was able to understand what you said in your comments, I would be able to give a better reply.

As it is, I strongly suspect that you are crossing the line like 95% of our readers.

Kindly cease and desist.


Lovabwoy said...

Ah go cease and desis when yu agree to go out wit meh.

Frooples & Froopert said...

That was the funniest thing I heard all day...
We need jokers like you on this blog.
Having to fend off stalkers left, right and center is getting to be tiring.

As funny as your little quip was, I will NOT be going out with you.

But if you intend on making our blog so lively with your idiotic and undecipherable comments until I go out with you, then I'll say:
"Oh Lovabwoy, you MIGHT make me change meh mind, and I MIGHT go out with you, but I have to get to know you better."

See yah around!!


Lovabwoy said...

Now da is wat ah talkin bout. Ah hopeful!! Wooo mama!

Abi said...

Listen! Lovabwoy, I think that you should stop bothering Frooples. She's doing her best to explain names here so that we can follow their roots. So stop trying to pick up people here. This is not a dating site.

JijiN3k0 said...

I LOVE this post Frooples! Very funny and enlightening!

JijiN3k0 said...

Loverboy, you are really sick. You need assistance.

Frooples & Froopert said...

I agree with JijiN3ko, GET HELP!


Anonymous said...

You can relive those fond "Rupert the Grouper" memories:

Kadhine said...

Oh my goodness!
Thank you anonymous for sharing that vid!!
It made our day :D