Tuesday, 27 January 2009

A Coffin Shop Stalker?

So Froopert left Trinidad this morning to go to Tobago - the idyllic sister isle.
She will be there for one week, learning to be a fisherman. She will be specialising in catching crabs and pacro.
You can view a pacro here on Froopert's less insane blog.
I also have a small video of one being pried loose from it's rock.

Because I will not be able to chat as usual with Froopert while she's fishing, I stayed up until 2:30am talking and laughing with her and our other good friend, Abi.
I am 6 hours ahead of Froopert, and even more hrs ahead of Abi in Costa Rica, so they started to tease me that I was the only awake person in Bucharest.

I was dubbed the 'Coffin shop Stalker' by Abi, because she remembered said I live opposite coffin maker's shop...
I'm trying hard to be offended, but somehow I find that's kinda cool...


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Count Ruprecht said...

Oh why!?
Oh woe is me!
Froopert! My Froopert!
Where are you?
I am lost without you!
Oh! Alas!
Please come back my darling!
If only I had my pills....

Frooples & Froopert said...


Try to calm yourself. She is not gone forever, she'll be back in a week.
Surely you can endure until then?
Be a man!


Big Pacro Ratnesh said...

Aye, this is Ratnesh here.
That is a real small pacro bwoy.
I went dong the ilans once and I see more bigger pacro than dat!
Tha' pacro buss.

Frooples & Froopert said...

Thank you for your contribution Ratty.
(Why doesn't that boy get a life?)


Earlz cuzzin Buck. said...

This hairz Earl's cuzzn, Buck.
Iz never seen that ther thing beefor.
It look like reel delishous.

O, Earl sayz hee cant come onlin for a whiles cauz hees busi makkin them teets for Ratnesh's ma.

Cuzzin Buck.

Frooples & Froopert said...

Hello Cousin Buck,
Welcome to our blog! I hope you enjoy it :)
Froopert will be delighted to know Earl's relatives are now reading our blog!
Well, See ya around!

Kadhine said...

A Coffin shop stalker sounds like a good job, what exactly does it entail?? :P

I hope Froopert has a good time being an apprentice to a fisherman.
She should be very tanned by the time she returns home!

Lovabwoy said...

Yuh mean she guh erm come back home like ah fry jax. Erm but daz allrite she is meh suga plum sista an ting so is all good.

Frooples & Froopert said...

So Lovabwoy, what exactly is a "fry jax"?
I really wish you would make an effort to speak English. My readers and I need a dictionary to understand you!

Anyhow, since this comment doesn't SEEM to be inappropriate, I will say "thank you for reading and commenting".