Sunday, 18 January 2009


Our latest commentator's name in Ratnesh.

I never heard of ANYONE named RATnesh.
Is that really a name?

That boy's mother really didn't like him.

The people responsible allowed her to put "Ratnesh" on the birth certificate?
They issused a birth certificate with the name "Ratnesh Preetum Toteelalsingh" ?

Poor fella, were they calling him 'Ratty' in school?
Ha ha ha

Thank goodness he seems to be in love with Froopert and not me :P


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Anonymous said...

Aye, I not going to bother with all yuh.
Espeshully YOU Frooples. You is a real dog.

What I have with your sister is NOT your business.
An' for your information, Iz 17yrs.

Iz ah big man aready. And if your sister like me it ent have NOTING you can do about it.

And it ent have nothing wrong with my coconut oil - I check it, it not rancid!
I does use homemade coconut oil - My mudda does make it for we.

I gone.


Frooples & Froopert said...

Ok Ratty,

I'm sorry, it's just that your name is so funny!!!!
And actually I like coconut oil - it's a very good quality oil for the skin and hair.

I hope you enjoy the blog, but I warn you, don't bother to persue my sister, she's much more vicious than me when it comes to arrogant, overbearing, assinine stalkers. And you my boy, certainly fit the bill...

Take heed!


sexibwoyratnesh said...

By de way Frooples, doh flatta yuhself nah. Yuh makin ah fool ah yuhself jed. Iz nuh you ah like eh, is de nex chick. She wear da garara betta than you. She look like ah good gyul.

Yeah Froopert call mih nah. If mih mudda ansa just say yuh is ah teacha or sumn. I now yuh go no what tuh say.

laterz dey hoss

Frooples & Froopert said...




JijiN3k0 said...

O Goodness Gracious me! This is truly getting strange.

Kadhine said...

Oh dear,
Ratnesh?? Is that really a name?
That's worse than Anoneemuz!

Anyhow, I'd just like to let everyone know that the wooden teeth I bought from Earl were perfect. He did a really great job and all my friends loved it!

Earl, Thanks alot - you're the best!


JijiN3k0 said...


I'm so sorry. Perhaps you can go to your Government office and have it changed? There may be a small fee involved but I'm sure it will be worth it and since you are working instead of going to school you will be able to afford it. BTW, why the heck are you not in school???

Abi said...

Ratnesh! Way yuh muddah? I have to tell she what yuh does be up to in yuh spare time so she could tie yuh dong.

DRAnabel said...

Good Day,

My name is Doctor Anabel Andromeda Nichols. I would like to invite the owners and readers of this blog to kindly contact me. I am a psychiatrist and I think I can help you all. I promise to charge you a reasonable fee for my services which you all seem to need desperately.

Dr. Nichols

Anoneemuz said...

I beg your pardon KADHINE, I thought you decided to STOP HARASSING ME. DO NOT laugh at my name! I do not comment for YOU but for my dearest and only love, Frooples so lay off!

Frooples, where are you? Please return my emails! You KNOW you need me!

Charles Anoneemuz Hansen III

Frooples & Froopert said...

Hello RATnesh,

Froopert here- the one who "looks" like a good GYUL. I have finally recovered from laughing at your absurd comment.

Although I am flattered (more like flatteNed)I have absolutely NO interest in an underaged rong d' road Maxi conductor so you should probably go to school instead of breaking biche to wok and feel you is a big man. Maybe then you will find a nice fair skinny lil coolie girl with nice long stringy coconut oily hair who is willing to marrid you and make a battalion of chirren while your fryboil mother calls her good-for-nothing and the worst mistake you ever make.

Hope you have a peachy day filled with lots of sunshine!